Made In Scotland is regenerating North Lanarkshire Digital Strategy

Made in Scotland is a digital marketing and web design company that offers end-to-end web design solutions for businesses and organisations. Anyone wishing to improve their results and conversions and Digital Marketing can successfully accomplish that. Together with Made in Scotland we want to regenerate businesses and the community in North Lanarkshire by creating incredible Digital Strategies that would help small and medium businesses get on the market.

Made in Scotland have been working alongside Town Centre Activities for sometime and have delivered exceptional results. The communication back and forth has always been amazing and the work they do is perfect down to even the smallest details. The range of services they provide include Web design & development, Branding, as well as a wide range of Digital Marketing Services such as Pay-per-click, Email marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. They also do professional Video Creation and Photography that would further drive your business (as you can see from our Home page video and various images throughout the website).  We are proud to say we have used Made in Scotland as our Digital Agency and look forward to continuing our relationship. Stay connected via Social Media to learn more about our projects with Made in Scotland and if you require any assistance with your online presence you can enquire them here.

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