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Shopmobility brings money directly into town centre businesses. People with mobility problems remain economically active and contribute greatly to the economy of their local town centre – as long as it is accessible to them.

Accessible’s Shopmobility schemes in Motherwell and Coatbridge have more than  1500 registered members. These shoppers make use of the Shopmobility service over 1700 times each quarter, spending an average of £15 per visit.

That’s over £25,000 spent in the town centre by Shopmobility members every three months – more than £100,000 in a year. Yet some shops are missing out this valuable custom because their premises are not wheelchair accessible. TCA Accessible’s staff have the expertise and experience to give you the best advice on boosting your profits by making your business Shopmobility-friendly.

“I couldn’t survive without Shopmobility. The scooters couldn’t be easier to use. I get to do my own shopping when I want. I really enjoy the freedom Shopmobility gives me.”


“My quality of life has been improved.”

John Sharp